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Some years back, I traveled the Holy Lands with St George’s College, Jerusalem.  Forty women, men and a boy and girl from the USA, United Kingdom, Africa and Australia shared the month long pilgrimage.

One weekend we journeyed to St Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai Desert.  Crossing at Elat, we left our bus and boarded smaller dune buggies driven by Bedouins.  It was a ride to remember across the sandy banks and ridges!

Approaching a sizeable rock formation, we stopped for the night.   We ate, sang and danced around the large bonfire that provided the only light but for the starry firmament above us.  Settling in for a most amazing night’s sleep, I peeled away several layers – my jacket and sweat shirt—before snuggling into my sleeping bag.  It was then I noticed the words on my T-shirt: ‘Home is where the Church Is.’ This shirt had been designed for sale in my home parish back in the USA.  This night these words resonated in a new and profound way.  Here in the desert with my newfound community of pilgrims, I was ‘home’ in a most extraordinary way.

Home is where the Church Is.

St. Paul’s Church has been home for many throughout the parish’s long existence on the corner of Charlotte and Ferdinand.

Please stop by–whether for a visit or I hope to find the Church community you’ll call home.                                                Barbara+  Priest-in-Charge